10.12.15Cottage Door Press is an independent publisher of high-quality children’s books. We believe that every child deserves an excellent first book experience—beginning on the day they’re born.

Reading is learning is our driving philosophy, and we strive to help parents understand why reading aloud from birth is so important. We offer a simple development-based guide to help them on their journey.

Early Bird Learning Guide

The Early Bird Learning Guide is a system to help parents understand which skills they’re reinforcing when they read a Cottage Door book to their baby. The guide is based on widely accepted milestones of childhood development and corresponds to the removable sticker on the front cover of each of our books.

Why is reading aloud to your baby so important?

• It teaches your baby about communication.
• It introduces fundamental concepts such as numbers, letters, colors, and shapes.
• It builds language and memory skills.
• It gives babies information about the world around them.
• It fosters social and emotional development.

We believe in the special bond between children and their books, so every time a parent and child open a Cottage Door book, they will be welcomed inside with warmth and whimsy, imagination and inspiration, quality and care. Our beautifully illustrated books provide interactive opportunities for parents, grandparents, and loved ones to share special moments with the littles in their lives!