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Making a special place for your child to read is easier than you think.

It is a universal truth that all parents want their children to love reading.
And it is fairly safe to say that one can read pretty much anywhere, including in the bathtub, if one doesn’t mind pages that are a little damp. Or a lot damp, if one drops one’s book in the suds.

It is another universal truth that children love to build forts.
Snow forts, tree forts, blanket forts, pillow forts.
A fort for one, a fort for two, a fort for me, a fort for you.

You want a fort right now, don’t you?
You have always yearned for a cupboard bed, or at least a window nook, a place just for you, with a curtain to close out the big world for just a little while. Confess it: You have a Pinterest board collection of window seats full of pillows.

What if you combine your little human’s innate fort-building instincts with books? Would that not be the perfect encouragement (lure) for her to choose reading over, well, anything else? We think so. We think you want to do that. Right. Now.

A quick trip back over to Pinterest to our Cottage board Book Nooks will be an excellent place for you to start thinking and doing. You will see that it takes very little “stuff” to make a comfy, quiet spot for curling up with a book: just some pillows, a reading lamp, maybe a soft bit of rug or a blanket—and books. Books that you and your cave-dweller will choose together. Oh, there are reading tents, teepees, and fairy bowers, too, which all look pretty reasonable to make. And if you are lucky enough to have an extra closet (really?) well, go for it!

Our friends over at RoomMates Décor have lovely wall decals to decorate rooms and nooks with book-inspired art, like these from our own Ana Davis. Darling, affordable, and removable, their decals are a great way to set apart a place of one’s own.

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