After two and a half years of building our little Cottage through hard work, dedication, and love, we were recognized by Publishers Weekly for being one of the fastest-growing independent publishers of 2017. Reflecting on that achievement and how the Cottage has evolved since our founding in 2014 has motivated us to revisit “our story” and bring focus back to who we are and why we are writing books for little ones in the first place!

From the outset, Cottage Door Press has believed that every child deserves an excellent first book experience — beginning on the day they’re born.

Reading is learning has been our driving philosophy, and we strive to help grown-ups understand why reading aloud to children from birth is so important.

• It encourages communication.
• It introduces fundamental concepts.
• It builds vocabulary and memory.
• It fosters social and emotional development.

To encourage read-aloud time, we believe in educating and entertaining both children and their grown-ups. We also believe in “reading up” to children — we respect them, and choose artwork and language that interests, informs, and stretches their growing minds. We are on top of current trends and publish books across multiple hot formats and content areas. We also form strategic partnerships, both with targeted retailers and high-quality licensors, to bring the best programs to the families that bring our books into their homes.

To help grown-ups pick out age-appropriate titles and understand which skills they’re reinforcing when they read a Cottage Door book to their little one, each of our books features a removable sticker on the front cover that corresponds to our Early Bird Learning Guide — a system based on widely accepted milestones of childhood development.

Reading Guide for Children's Books

To reach little ones beyond our scope, we support organizations that foster early literacy and book ownership, like Bernie’s Book Bank, Read Aloud 15 Minutes, and 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten.

Ultimately, we believe in the special bond between children and their books, so every time a parent and child open a Cottage Door book, they will be welcomed inside with warmth and whimsy, imagination and inspiration, quality and care. We want our beautifully illustrated books to provide interactive opportunities for parents, grandparents, and loved ones to share special moments with the littles in their lives!

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