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Have you been to a baby shower lately?
Chances are pretty great that you’ve received an invitation with some form of this request…

     Although cards are nice, they’re read once or twice.
     A book is a treasure forever and ever.
     We have a request that we hope won’t be hard —
     Please bring a book instead of a card.
     Write a sweet message inside of the cover
     And your book will be cherished over and over.

At first blush, you might think that the shower hostess is being a little bit greedy. But let’s do the math (and then send her a silent apology).

Basic greeting cards cost about $5.00. For your money, you get a folded piece of paper into which you will write your name. You will also get an envelope, which will be ripped open and discarded. And that folded piece of paper won’t have a very long life either. Even if it doesn’t get recycled, it almost certainly will not be shown and read to the baby—not even once.

Now a simple little board book, on the other hand, can cost less than $5.00.
But even a book priced $6.00 to $8.00 offers so much more value than a card. For your investment, you will be giving the new baby
– listening skills
– language recognition
– cuddling
– sensory impressions
– smiles and giggles
– vocabulary words
– family memories
– feelings of security
– a keepsake remembrance of you

Still thinking the hostess is a little bit greedy? We thought not (she accepts your apology). And we didn’t even mention the part about YOU feeling all warm and gooey on the inside, for giving the gift of reading. You are welcome!

Now, we at Cottage Door Press understand one tiny little thing more: You STILL want to put a card with your book and your gift!
Admit it! Old habits die hard!
So VOILÀ! Here is the solution! You will be able to sleep tonight!


Our line of Little Bird Greetings keepsake books are not only adorable and high-quality board books—they also have a genius front cover that opens with a lift-a-flap for you to write a little note to baby. And yes, there’s a fancy envelope and a red foil seal. Because we know you need it.

So join hands with folks like 1000 Books Before Kindergarten, Read, and the American Academy of Pediatrics, and give a literacy head start to a baby today.