Children's Book Week ChampionIt’s Children’s Book Week—the annual celebration of books and reading! Established in 1919, Children’s Book Week is the longest-running national literacy initiative in the country. It was founded on the belief that literacy changes lives. Many local bookstores and libraries are hosting events this week in celebration, and we encourage you to go check some out. Click here to find events in your area.

We are proud to be champions of Children’s Book Week, as we too believe in the life-changing power of books. We saw that power on full display a few weeks ago when we visited Round Lake Early Childhood Center, in Round Lake, Illinois, to donate books to the students and teachers of this deserving school. While most of our charitable outreach is done through Bernie’s Book Bank, it was inspiring to hand-deliver books to these little ones and see the joy on their faces as they received brand-new books. By selecting titles from our collection that matched themes the students are learning about, we were able to meet the resource needs of the teachers while adding engaging content for the students. We know that our books offer access to an excellent first book experience—which is a critical first step in building a lifelong love of reading and learning.

For more information about our amazing visit, read the feature in the Daily Herald.