Children's Farm Books

Why do so many children’s books feature scenes from the farm? When the world’s population is increasingly urban, it would seem that children’s books about rolling meadows, cows, and farmers would give way to books about city life. To be fair, there are many wonderful children’s books about city living, but books about farm life also continue to inspire and engage the littlest of readers.

We read an interesting article in the Boston Globe about why we teach our babies animal sounds. It suggested that when we “moo” at our children, we’re not teaching them about cows or even about language in the way we might think. Instead, we’re teaching them about our culture. Maybe this is why books for children about farm animals are still so vital. Indeed, some of our best-selling titles feature farm animals.

Our most recent lift-a-flap book, Babies on the Farm, introduces farm animals as readers explore with Poppy and Patch, two playful baby goats that meet all the new babies on the farm. It also encourages the use of fine motor skills as it has especially thick flaps for baby to lift and grasp. The sweet illustrations include lots of details to hold your little one’s attention. Little Red Barn is another farm-themed title in this popular lift-a-flap series.Reviews of Babies on the Farm Children's Book

Another of our popular, interactive books about the farm is Peek-a-Flap: Moo. Meet all the animals as you peek and explore around a farm! Each scene in the book features a pair of lift-a-flaps with peek-a-boo surprises. Inside the flaps, you’ll find fun facts about the animals in the artwork.

Moo: Peek-a-Flap Children's Book

There’s nothing like the sounds of farm animals to get your little one engaged and excited. Busy Noisy Farm is a first look—and listen—around a farm. As you read the story, you will see picture icons that cue little ones to find the buttons and play the sound effects. You’ll hear 10 different sounds as the farmer rides his tractor around the farm!

Baa Baa, Llama Llama, Ding Dong! lets you sing along to five favorite farm animal songs. The lyrics for each song are accompanied by colorful illustrations, and the matching audio button plays the tune. Pushing the buttons helps little ones develop fine motor skills, and singing builds early literacy skills!

Finally, did you know that Old MacDonald also had a band? Familiar lyrics get a fun new twist as the farm animals get ready for the show! The book’s handle makes it perfect for toddlers on the move.

Farm Books for Children

We hope your little one enjoys learning about animals and the wonderful, classic songs of the farm. Yee-haw!