The readers of today are the leaders of tomorrow.Here at Cottage Door Press, we are on a mission to make beautiful, engaging board books for babies and toddlers. We believe that reading aloud is one of the very best things grown-ups can do for their children. We also believe in “reading up” to children—we respect them, and choose artwork and language that interests, informs, and stretches their growing minds. Ultimately, we want little ones to have an excellent first book experience so that they will develop a lifelong love of reading and learning.

We are so grateful for the parents and children who have embraced our books. Again and again, we’ve received feedback telling us that our readers love the work we’re doing. Five-star reviews on Amazon are enough to get us excited, but sweet messages like the one below really make our day and warm our hearts.

The Moon Sees You & Me Children's Book

My daughter is positively obsessed with this book. She’s memorized the whole first page, and she’s only two years old. She loves to recite it. She’s also become very interested in the moon and stars, and she runs to the windows at night, or wants to go outside to see them. It’s a very cute book. The rhyming is excellent, and very educational for little people. I’d buy it again. – Elisa


Notes like this bring joy to our souls! We are thrilled to have the opportunity to inspire and engage little ones with our books, and we’re honored to be brought into your homes. Thank you!

Mother and child reading together
Photo credit: Instagram user @mompoetry