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If you’re reading this, you probably need a hug.

(Because it is too early for wine.)

Because you are probably chasing around a toddler. In your yoga pants (if you’re lucky) or in your pajama pants (if you’re not). There’s probably cereal on the floor. And in your hair. And in your toddler’s hair. And have you checked the toilet lately? You know, just to be sure the computer mouse isn’t in it. And the sad thing? It isn’t even 7:00 a.m. yet, and your mommy-radar indicates a storm’s brewing.

When your little tropical storm Mayhem is about to upgrade to hurricane status, take cover. Literally. Grab a blanket, pillow, and a book. Calmly snuggle down together on the floor. (Not in the bed; the bed sends a whole other set of signals that won’t help your mission.) Breathe, smile, and read in a soft voice.

You will have Mayhem’s attention.

The floor? This is not where Mommy belongs. Wait, what is she saying? What is she looking at? If I stop fidgeting, I might be able to hear what’s going on. She’s smiling. This is a good thing. All is good. This is nice.

Oh, look! Blue skies!

Well, it may just be the eye of the storm, but he’s your little storm. No matter what.

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My Little Beast by Ruby Byrd and Dubravka Kolanovic, available at Cottage Door Press


P.S. Here’s an article that we posted on our Facebook page a while back. Your Terrible Two isn’t terrible at all!