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There’s a special star in the nighttime sky that only grandmas see.

Are you lucky enough to see the Grandma Star?

Do you remember how you found out that you were going to be a new grandma? How did it feel when your son or daughter shared the news? Were there tears of joy? Was there a shopping spree for teeny tiny clothing? Did you have fun thinking about what you’d be called? Best of all, how did you feel when you held your new grandchild for the first time?

We think your grandchild will love to know the answers to all of these questions, and more. So here’s a simple and sweet idea for you to share your new-grandma memories with your grandchild . . . years and years from now.

Write a letter to your grandchild—new or yet-to-be grandchild—and tell them all about how you felt and what you did in the days leading to his or her birth. Then seal it in a small envelope and fix it to the inside of the front cover of this book. In your own handwriting, which will be treasured for generations, write a dedication.
It could be something like this:

Then tuck away the book, on a grown-up shelf of Mommy’s. The one that holds the baby books and other mementos is a good place.

Then go find a tissue.

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