Summer Reading
Illustrated by Katya Longhi

While most of the little ones who enjoy our books aren’t yet in school, we know they too can suffer from “summer slide”—when disrupted schedules make it easy to slip out of the regular read-together routine. Because building and maintaining early literacy skills depends on reading together all year long, we would like to offer you a little list of fun ways to curb the slide and integrate reading into your sun-filled, carefree summer days.

1. Take Advantage of Summer Reading Programs

Libraries do an amazing job of providing summer reading activities that keep little ones busy and engaged (and give caretakers a breather). Often there are special guests at library story times, or extra craft projects that keep the mess out of the house.

Many national chains offer reading rewards programs with incentives, like free food, to encourage kids to read more. Chipotle’s Reading Rewards is an especially popular program.

2. Read Something New

Many new books are released over the summer months, offering loads of new material to keep your little one learning. Our newest releases focus on early learning concepts, such as ABCs and colors, and developmental milestones like transitioning to a big-kid bed.

One of our favorite early literacy resources, Growing Book by Book, has come up with nine clever Library Adventure Challenges that will take you to the library to discover new books to read over the summer. Finding and reading the winner of the Caldecott Medal for the birth year of each family member is just one of the fun challenges.

3. Find Literacy Activities in Everyday Adventures

Finally, everyday activities offer opportunities to build early literacy skills. A trip to the grocery store can turn into a vocabulary-rich experience when you talk your way through the store. “Look at those luscious, red, ripe strawberries. See the small seeds on the surface?” So many adjectives and new words!

Hanging out in the backyard can inspire a game of I Spy. A day at the pool or park can include a book to read when your little one needs a break from playing.

Summertime can offer some of the best opportunities for babies and toddlers to acquire new skills. Try to keep reading daily and add a few fun, new activities along the way.


Looking for more easy ways to prevent the summer slide? Click on the image below to view our free, printable calendar for June. Stop back each month for more ideas, and have a wonderful summer of reading!

June Early Literacy Activity Calendar