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Is it about that time at your house?

Got a toddler who is curious about using the toilet? Or even one who is perfectly content to march around with a full diaper? And you’re getting the stink-eye from the grandmas? (Literally?)

Over here at the Cottage, many of us have been through the Potty Stage with our little ones. Some of us are freshly initiated, some of us are currently in the throes, and some of us are actually looking forward to trying out these fancy newfangled potties with our grandchildren.

But even though we’ve been there / done that, we’re not offering advice. We’re just offering THIS!


This little board book is as silly and fun as it is¬†reassuring and positive. Perfect for reading “before,” “during,” and “after.” Your little one won’t be able to resist saying it loud and proud: Everybody potties!

Good luck and … you know the rest!

Happy “May the Fourth!”



Everybody Potties! is illustrated by Belinda Strong.