Coloring books: Time well spent? Or total time suck?

Professor Perfect believes they’re an absolute no-no, that they siphon self-expression, imagination, and creativity from young, impressionable brains. But hold on a second, Doc. What about these 12 little arguments in favor of coloring?

1. When you color, you are practicing holding a drawing tool—and that right there builds writing skills.

2. When you make your crayon put color where your eyes want it, that supports hand-eye coordination.

3. See all of those lines? They are shapes and forms. Color and learn. Color. And. Learn.

4. Green grass or pink grass? Your choice. Learn to live with the consequences. Of pink grass.

5. Don’t like the pink grass after all? See what happens if you color over it with blue. This, my friend, is what we call “experimenting with color.”

6. Clouds don’t have to be plain white. They can have polka dots. Play with patterns to your young heart’s content.

7. You’re being very quiet. You must be deep in thought. Grown-ups call this a “meditative state.” We think Buddha would approve of coloring.

8. Yes, childhood is stressful. Mostly because of grown-ups. Escape with your crayons for just a little while, kid. We are envious.

9. You did it. You finished the picture. You chose your colors. You added a mermaid crown. What a nice sense of accomplishment!

10. Back to the pink grass: You happen to love pink. You think everything looks better in pink. Express yo-self.

11. Love thy neighbor, and let her use your new pink crayon. (Is it OK to tell her not to press too hard?) (Yes.)

12. Guess what they hand out at school? Assignments and worksheets and all kinds of stuff to do on sheets of paper. Get ready for school.

So there, Professor Think You’re So Perfect.
What’s that on your desk?
Is that a coloring book for adults?



Printable Coloring Activity ABCD

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