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As a children’s book publisher, we LOVE initiatives like 1000 Books Before Kindergarten.

We have a first library all ready and waiting for you to purchase for your babies and toddlers!
But as working parents (some with little children, and some with vivid memories of those days) we dropped our collective jaw at the idea of reading one thousand books to our children before they start kindergarten.

Dude, that’s a lot of books.
Or is it? Let’s break it down. Here’s a little book math:
There are 365 days in a year.
That means in 1,825 days, a newly born child will be 5 years old.
1,825 goes into 1,000… Let’s just say that’s less than 1 book per day.
(Mmmmm, doesn’t sound unreasonable… Can we repeat books?)
(OK, keep going…)
Let’s say you set the goal to read 200 books a year.
200 x 5 = 1,000
That’s 50 books spread over each 3-month period.
(Very do-able!)
We think so, too!

Keeping track of all the books you read is probably the toughest part of the whole deal. Lucky for you, we offer a FREE printable to help you keep track.


Click on the link to open it for printing. Printing 10 copies = 1,000 books. (More math, right there.)

Also, many public libraries offer trackers AND prizes for reaching your goals. Here’s a link to help you find libraries in your area.