Dr. Suess quote about booksThere’s an official month to celebrate reading?!? Count us in!

March is National Reading Month—celebrated by schools and libraries to honor the birthday of Dr. Seuss, which is on March 2. You can get your little one involved in the action by setting a goal and tracking his reading for the month, offering reading incentives, and attending activities at your local library.

Set a Goal

Your reading goal should not be daunting—it should be something simple and fun like reading 1o books you’ve never read before. Here’s a list of 16 new picture books that may pique your interest. Or, try to read a bedtime story together every night for a week straight. Did you know that reading aloud to your child builds her desire to read on her own?

Track Your Progress

Once you’ve set a goal, use one of our handy tracking guides to mark your progress. You’ll notice we’ve sprinkled in some prompts to make story time more fun. Ask questions like, What was your favorite part of the story? How did the characters feel? How did the story end? Or have fun making up a new ending together! These prompts can help you make the most of the reading time with your little one. For more tips, visit Growing Book by Book, a blog dedicated to nurturing young readers.

Offer Reading Incentives

Everyone loves to get a prize when they make it to the finish line! Why not take your little one out for ice cream, or make a special trip to the museum when you’ve completed your reading goal. Better yet, reward them with more books! All of our beautiful books are 15% off this month when purchased on our website (use code BookMarch at checkout).

Visit Your Local Library

There’s no better place to inspire your child’s love of reading than your local library. Your little one may be as surprised as Matilda to learn that libraries allow you to borrow books and take them home. Many libraries also offer engaging activities, including weekly story time. No doubt, just like Matilda, your little one’s strong young mind will continue to grow, nurtured by all those books!

Matilda learns about libraries
Matilda by Roald Dahl

Finally, our FREE early literacy activity calendar for March offers ideas for easy, fun activities to do with your little one throughout the month. We hope you find this a useful tool and enjoy this month of reading!