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Happy New Year from the Cottage!

Looking for a new regimen that’s healthy for the eyes, ears, brain, and heart? How about the Read-Together Plan? All you need to do is read at least one book every day with your children, no matter how little bitty they are. That’s it! No measuring, no juicing, no spiralizing, and no messy powders!

Benefits of the Read-Together Plan

  • Eyes strengthen to focus on images
  • Ears learn to memorize the sound of your voice
  • Brains absorb language patterns and vocabulary words
  • Hearts fill with feelings of love and security

We’re not just making this up in order to sell more books. No sirree, we’ve got serious backup!

And here are a couple of FREE printables to help you and your family remember to read every day. Just click on the links below to open them for printing.

 Let’s Read Every Day_1                                        Let’s Read Every Day_2

Let's Read Every Day_1Let's Read Every Day_2